You Can Hope Again Counselling

Individual,family and marriage therapy, recovery from trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, PTSD

Karen's Story: How I came to be a Counsellor

When I was in high school, even my enemies came to me for help with solving their problems. Do you know how frustrating it is to have inside information about one's enemies and NOT be able to use it to defend oneself? Added to the fact that my family moved about a lot before I entered high school, it was a difficult journey. I was a teacher's daughter. I was born in Quebec which was held against me by my fellow students when I came to Ontario just before Grade Six. My father decided he didn't want to be part of our family any more when I was 13. He moved in with another woman and expected that I and my older sister would accept her with open arms. It didn't happen. 

I have been married three times. My first husband decided he didn't want to have more than one child with me. That would have been okay but he told me this AFTER I was pregnant with our second child. My second husband died of complications of diabetes when we had been married only 3 years. My third husband is Kevin and he is my soul mate! I'd marry him again in a heart beat! I raised my sons with my mother's help. My sons are grown and launched now. My mother was an amazing woman. She died in February of 2010 of sepsis after a long time with Alzheimer's. I miss her. 

Throughout my life, people would tell me about their lives spontaneously, sometimes saying to me, "I have never told anyone this" or "I don't know why I'm telling you this but I can't stop." The greatest accolade I have ever received is when my younger son said to his friend who was having girlfriend trouble that was beyond the ability of their peer group to solve, "This is my mother. She gives good advice. Listen to her."

Love is more powerful than it appears to be...

Whenever I think of my journey through life, I am reminded of this quote from Mother Teresa. It's not an easy thing to do, but it works.

I know what it is to be on the outside looking in

I've been on the outside many times in my life. It can be a scary place to be, but I know I can  move from the outside to the inside.