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The Path of Peace, Forgiveness and Love

Posted on 21 January, 2017 at 0:25

God’s peace walked with me amidst my busy day


His strength was with me as I did pray


He reminded me Christ is my hope and stay


His love is with me all the way


I love You, Father, more than I could ever say



When I get it wrong, You are always there to forgive


Have me my apology to those I’ve hurt give


Then, I feel a growing love for them in my heart live



Thank you, Father, for loving me with all my sin


Cleansing sin’s soot within



Flow healing river within me


Make me who I ought to be


Looking beyond my abusive past I finally feel free


See more of my God-given destiny


Blue sky of joy peaking through the gray I see


I rejoice that You love me!



Help me each day to love others as You love me


Never be offended by their hostility


Look beyond hurtful words to the pain inside You see


Listen with my heart and mind to suffering humanity



Everyone has something to teach me


A lesson


An experience


A new way of looking at things



In my weaknesses am I made strong


Through my challenges I see how You to my life does belong


You use those who can’t walk, hear, see or slow to understand


To teach others how we’re all fearfully and wonderfully made by Your hand


No one is ugly in Your eyes


We’re all beautiful


We’re all unique



Help me and all of us see Your path of peace, forgiveness and love


To soak in Your peace with all the business of life


To feel the healing flow of forgiving others and ourselves


To love one another as Your Son loved








With two open hands



Thank You, Father, for teaching us about Your peace, forgiveness and love.





Kevin and Karen Osborne are Christian pastoral counsellors and psychotherapists. Kevin is studying to become a chaplain and professor of Psychology specializing in Pastoral Theology. We have started You Can Hope Again Counselling. Karen enjoys doing cross-stitch while I like writing and singing songs. Karen makes me laugh when she sings the kitty bed-time song saying, “It’s that time. It’s the bestest kitty time of the day!” Kevin enjoys teasing the kitties and making them do kitty dances with music. Their kitty, Catherine, loves it when kitty daddeh sings All Things Bright and Beautiful. Kevin likes doing impressions. He tells children’s stories and helps others with their problems using his hand puppet, Dr. Teddy, who is a therapy bear. He is a partner with us in our counselling practice.We are available to assist with worship and preaching to give busy pastors and ministers a much-needed break. We offer in-office, and phone counselling to anyone in the world.

Co-author on Mind’s Seat, a Christian inspirational blog

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