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Heart Talks with Dr. Teddy

Dear reader: I have been on a long vacation back home in my teddy bear world with my parents, Theodore and Eleanor Teddy, who live in Tedunsky, in the state of Honnuticutt. I get special powers to hear the thoughts of humans and teddy bears after I mix the chemicals of tedorihydrochloride and beromium sulphate together, causing the science lab at Teddy Roosevelt University to explode. God sends me to earth to help children, parents and adults deal with their problems and address societal issues such as poverty. This will be a series of heart talks for children, teenagers, parents and adults.

I hate rules!

Hey kids!

How are you? My name is Dr. Teddy. I am here to help you with all the bad stuff that happens in your life. I am a bear counsellor. I am a specially trained teddy bear that has studied many years in how best to help people with their problems.

Every day we all face problems.I know some people who find getting out of bed a really hard thing to do. Us teddy bears have to sleep a lot. We have such a hard time getting out of bed after sleeping all winter and waking up in the spring. But I’m a teddy bear and you are boys and girls. You have to get up and go to school. How many of you have said, “Mom, I’m too tired. Just give me 15 more minutes sleep and then I’ll get up.” The fifteen minutes go by, then 20 and your mother knocks on your bedroom door. She is angry with you because she is late for work. She says, “Get out of bed now! If you don’t, you’re grounded!”

I know. It’s hard to do all the things your parents tell you to do. All you hear are rules, rules, rules. You are so sick of rules. If you had your own way you would sleep in as long as you want, eat all kinds of junk food, stay up late playing video games, calling your friends and watching TV. That all sounds like so much fun! I would like to do all of those things but I can’t. I have to be on one of those yuchy diets because I am allergic to many foods. Many people have allergies.. If you don’t know what an allergy is, remember when you ate or drank something that your body told you it hated. What did it do? You had red spots on you. Your face got really red. You couldn’t breathe that well. You may have had to go to the hospital to be given medicine to make you feel better. I have had to go to the hospital many times for my allergies.

Kids, your parents make rules because they love you. They don’t want you to get hurt. They don’t want you to get sick. They want you to get good marks at school so you have a better chance of getting a good job when you grow up.

I know. There are so many rules where you live and go to school. You think what a great thing it would be to have your own life without rules. I thought that when I was eight years old. I didn’t like all the rules of my parents. One day I asked my mother if I could go playing in a river with my cousin, Paul, who is also a teddy bear of course. My mother told me I had to stay home. I yelled at her and said, “I will never speak to you again!”

I thought my mother was being mean. I was so angry at her! I made my mother cry. I didn’t care. I wanted my own way. I loved playing with my cousin. We were like that friend that is a special friend you keep with you your whole life. Paul and I had so much fun together when we took turns acting like those people you see on TV shows. We would laugh and play all day when we didn’t have to go to school.

Something really awful happened that day. A few hours later, my mother told me my cousin drowned when the barrel boat made from a huge oil can turned over. His older brother, Stephen, who was steering the boat lived. He tried so hard to save his brother diving in the water so many times, but it was too late.

I cried a lot when my cousin died. I felt sick in my tummy for being so mean to my mother. I told her I was so sorry for hurting her.

From that day on I did my best to follow all the rules of my parents. I know they have rules because they love me.

So, kids, when you think your parents have too many rules don’t forget the sad story about my cousin.

I Know. Rules are yuchy. But always know your parents have a reason for them because they love you so much.

That’s all for now. Dr. Teddy has to get back to answering emails from other children, teenagers and parents.

Have a beary wonderful week!

Dr. Theodore Teddy

Kids, parents, teenagers and adults, do you have a question for Dr. Teddy? Is there a problem you or your friends are having that you would like me to write about? Just send me an email at  [email protected] and I’ll answer it. If anyone, and that includes you too kids and teenagers, has a suggestion for a topic you would like me to write about, please send me an email at: [email protected]. If I use your idea, I will publish your name as my special helper.

Do you feel like an ugly duckling?

Hello everyone! I’m Dr. Teddy, the teddy bear counselor Kevin and Karen use in their counselling practice. During Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to view Hans Christian Andersen, starring that funny and talented, Danny Kaye. Hans Christian Andersen was a poet and author. One of the stories he wrote that I would like to talk to you about is The Ugly Duckling. It’s the story of a duckling born in a barnyard, who is teased and abused by others around him. Not everyone knows that this is a story about Andersen’s own abuse by a schoolmaster at one of the schools he attended. 1

This ugly ducking wished so much to be a beautiful swan. He felt so sad about the way he looked. All the awful things others said only helped to make him feel so ugly. He thinks this about himself all winter long. Spring comes. He gets so down he decided to throw himself into a flock of swans to be killed. But something wonderful happens! When he sees his reflection in the water he’s not ugly. He’s a beautiful swan!

Kids, do you get made fun of at school? I was called so many bad names when I was only a cub in the universe of Ted. That’s where my mother, Theodora, and my father, Theodore, come from. God has sent me here to help children, teenagers and adults with their problems. They called me Professor Four Eyes and Professor Piddle Face. I didn’t have very good vision when I was born. I had to wear glasses when I was only five years old. I felt so awful because of the names I was called. I was like that ugly duckling. I was abused in school by a kindergarten teacher when I didn’t get into a group of her other students fast enough. She pulled me by the ear. It was really painful.

My father was a sick man in his mind. He hit me a lot. He said I was stupid. He told me I would always be a failure. He suffered from a terrible disease called schizophrenia. This means he heard voices telling him to do all kinds of things. One of them was beating my mother, me and my sister, Ballerina. My father made us feel so ugly. I hated my father so much I made a plan of how I was going to kill him. I would get him so angry at me, he would want to hit me. I would stab him with a knife. I thank God I never got the chance to do that. I would have had a very bad life. It took me many years to begin forgiving my father.

Do you ever feel like that ugly duckling? You think you’re not beautiful. Did you know a man named David says in the Bible that we are not ugly? If God says through David, "You’re beautiful," believe it. I know. People have said all kinds of awful things about you. They have made you feel you will never do anything special with your life. When you think things like that about yourself, please remember Dr. Teddy telling you about his life. I have grown up to become a bear counsellor. If with all I have been through I did this, you also can do wonderful things with your life. You could never be ugly in God’s eyes. You’re so beautiful to Him. Whenever you think things about yourself that aren’t true, I hope you will come back to this story Dr. Teddy told you.

Have a beary great week!

Dr. Teddy