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Individual,family and marriage therapy, recovery from trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, PTSD

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Family and Individual Therapy

Families: Everybody has one and they come in all shapes and sizes. God created families to be safe places for the family members to learn to live in healthy relationships, to grow and to reach their potential. Families are meant to be refuges from the world beyond their boundaries.

However, not all families are safe places or refuges from the world. Some families are dangerous places, violent places, places where abuse happens, places from which some members run to preserve themselves. Bur even when they run, they take the imprint of their family with them in their habits, worldviews and behaviors. People searched Family counselling near me on internet and get much results which create confusion to choose the best one. So In that case i would like to suggest to ask for case studies. 

Some families may be more difficult for some members than for others to live in healthily. Whatever your family is or was, individual or family therapy can help you can improve your ability to live safely and healthily in your family.

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce these days. We can do better. Stress in people's lives is at an all time high partly because of conflicting priorities. We strive to balance family and work, but somehow the result is always dissatisfying. The whole thing leaves us feeling incapable and inadequate, especially if we compare ourselves to the people around us who seem to balance everything effortlessly. If we continue to behave in the ways we have always behaved, the outcomes will be more of the same. We deserve better. God intends better for us.

When you step out into the world, sometimes your behaviors don't serve you well. Perhaps, conflict with others makes you feel sick, and causes you to avoid conflict at all costs. Perhaps, you have to deal with a boss who is a bully or a spouse who is passive aggressive, or a teen who flouts your authority as a parent. There are many instances in which your response to a situation can lead to a better outcome for you and those about whom you care.