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PTSD needs counselling. PTSD takes away who you used to be and can drive you to suicide.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Only the dead have seen the end of war ~ Plato

PTSD happens as a result of seeing or experiencing a terrifying event. It can involve flashbacks of the event or fractured memories of the event. It can cause physical symptoms such as vomiting, panic attacks and symptoms of fear and anxiety such as sweaty palms and dry mouth. It can be like a bad movie that won't go away. It can intrude on your present day life even years or decades later. You can return to your present day reality after one of these episodes only to discover that time has gone by but you have no memory of the time. You may even discover that you have traveled some distance without remembering how you traveled. There is a revolutionary treatment for this, "hailed as the most important method to emerge in psychotherapy in decades" (EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Some people who are especially at risk for PTSD are: First Responders, veterans of war, doctors, nurses, ministers and pastors, people in burn-out, survivors of abuse, disaster survivors, survivors of terrorism, accident survivors, victims of down-sizing, those who are grieving the loss of someone from chronic, debilitating and degenerative diseases.
Depression needs counselling. Depression will suck you under like quicksand.

Depression and Anxiety

Most of us have short times of anxiety where life's stresses seem overpowering. However, when these times seem to go on and on, and life loses its joy and savor, this is not normal. This is depression and once this black cloud finds you, you need to search depression counselling near me in internet you will get so many. Many people with depression find themselves living lives of quiet desperation and have no idea how to make it stop. They may think it will never stop. They self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or pornography, anything to make the very real suffering stop, even to seriously attempting suicide. They turn inward, trying to live with this monster. It destroys their relationships and affects their ability to work.

Having anxiety or depression doesn't mean you're weak. It means you've been too strong for too long without assistance. There are better ways to deal with this choking, life-sucking, black cloud that follows you everywhere.